“I have worked with Robert O’Connor for over seven years.  I am a Real Estate agent in the South End and I need renovations on condos in order to get top dollar for the Sellers.  Robert is my go-to guy for any work I need.  The reason I like working with Robert is that he approaches every job as my partner, not as an employee.  He has terrific communication skills.  He returns phone calls. He shows up when he says he will (not just the same day) and always has an idea of how to make any problem I have go away.I don’t want to recommend Robert too highly.  I don’t want him to be too busy to take care of me, but I guess that’s not really fair. OK he’s the best.  He’s honest.  He’s hardworking. His work is professional.  He makes my life work.  Hire him.” ~ Lynn Hartness 

“When Robert asked me to write a testimonial, I did not know where to begin. As a realtor in Boston since 1995, I place a lot of trust in his reliability when referring my clients. He always does the right thing. Robert and his crew are hardworking experts in their fields, and he has the contacts to handle all types of construction small and large. I hope to maintain my relationship with Robert for many years.” ~ Rich Haen, Broker/Owner: RichHaen.com Realty

“Robert first came to me as a referral from the realtor who manages my rental property. One unit was in need of a cosmetic facelift that was physically in good shape but desperately in need of updating. Robert showed up with a team of workers and quickly had the place looking beautiful and ready to rent. The price charged seemed fair, especially for the quality and diligence of work done. Happily, I have had Robert and his team back for more cosmetic work since.

Beyond that, I now have a larger, structural project ahead and the only quote I have requested was from Robert. I am comfortable having him as my contractor on-call.” ~ Brian K. Gerhardson – South End Boston, MA

“I have known and worked with Robert O’Connor for almost a decade, through the maintenance and repair of two condos in Boston. Robert is independent and effective, listening to my needs and assuring that he and his team do the highest quality work. From a broken appliance to a kitchen remodel, Robert is always prompt, effective, and communicative. I give him my strongest endorsement.” ~ Dan Riskin

“I first met Robert when I decided to sell my condo in Boston and my real estate agent recommended that it be “freshened” before putting it on the market. It needed paint and a few minor touch ups. While I went overseas on business for a week Robert’s crew came in and completely repainted, patched and freshened. When I got home the place was spotless and all was done. The condo went on the market and sold at asking in 24 hours.

With the surprise speedy sale we went out and found a beautiful 1860’s Victorian in Cambridge—and it DID need work. Complete bathroom gut, cracked walls, pealed paint, kitchen hood and lots more. Robert organized the many many details and managed tiling, electrical, plastering and brought it together. Within 3 weeks it looked great and was ready for moving in.

My experiences with Robert have been extremely positive. Robert addressed the many construction issues that arise on every project with professionalism and priority. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a great job completed in a timely and professional manner.” ~ Paul E. Korenberg – Cambridge, MA

“R. O’Connor Design Build, Inc. is by far one of the best firms in Boston today! Robert is professional, skilled, and talented at his job. He is fairly priced, timely with his work, and the work done is excellent. His crew is skilled, meticulous, and professional as well. Robert worked right with me, was creative with his suggestions and solutions to our remodeling needs. We had some challenges, but Robert was able to come up with solutions. When we ran into stumbling blocks, Robert was patient and in control. The work got done and the results were beautiful! Our home looks better than ever thanks to the skilled work that Robert and his crew, along with his sub-contractors accomplished. I highly recommend R. O’Connor Design Build Inc., and will certainly use them again for our future remodeling needs.” ~ William Burton

“Your contractor will not only make or break your project, but will also make or break your quality of life. If you hire the wrong contractor I can promise you numerous sleepless night and endless headaches. But, if you hire R. O’Connor Design Build, you will get a fantastic finished project and you will sleep sound. Robert cares, he delivers projects on time and is easy to work with when/if you change plans along the way.

My wife and I hired Robert to build a 2,500 Sq.- Ft. single family brownstone in the South End. Our project had a number of very difficult aspects, including special foundational work, numerous design changes and crazy neighbors. Robert was a rock through the entire process. He was able to manage the entire project and deliver the final project on time, despite the various curveballs that came up. We were never worried about Robert or his subs. They delivered an amazing project that actually sold for the highest price per square-foot of any single family home in the South End the year we sold it!

Robert can build you a home that is built with the utmost attention to detail and will have amazing finishes and excellent quality behind the walls. When challenges show up along the way (as they do with EVERY construction project) Robert will be the easiest guy to work with. R. O’Connor Design Build = an amazing home + Easy to Work with + Impeccable Finishes.
If you would like to talk to me about my experience with Robert just ask him for my phone number and I’ll be happy to talk with you about our project.” ~ Joe Canavan

“I have been working with Rob for over 3 years on multiple projects (renovations, new construction) and he has always excelled in all ways. He gets jobs done on time, which is rare with contractors, and he is fair with his fees. His work is completed to the highest standards and he always supports his work after so if you have a problem he takes care of it with no questions asked. All his team are great people and reliable and also always get everything done on time and properly. Rob and his team are highly recommended.” ~ Shai Genish

“Rob has been an incredible partner to all the work we have done with him. The most important trait that really takes him above anyone else – is that he ALWAYS follows through. You know when you call Rob, you don’t even need to leave a voice message – because within 1-2 hours max, he will be calling you back. He doesn’t drop a meeting. He doesn’t show up late. Does the basic things extremely well. And most of all, the work is incredible. He doesn’t cut corners and is extremely fair on the cost.” ~ Dar Sandler

“We worked with Robert on a major renovation of our 4-story town home in the Back Bay. Despite many setbacks with the city of Boston, our renovation turned out exactly as we wanted. Robert was easy to communicate with, always pleasant and helpful, and became a friend in the process. He made countless trips to City Hall on our behalf and never complained. His subcontractors were top notch and finished work in a timely manner. After the renovation was complete, Robert was always available to help with little things or make referrals. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to call a contractor and actually get a call back! We would highly recommend Robert to anyone in the Boston area.” ~ Noni and Brad Yount